Community Development Planning

Community Development Planning: the way forward for a hope-filled South Africa
A fascinating overview of the history of community development in S.A. Plus, a bright new pathway to thriving communities!

The United Nations defines community development as “a process where community members come together to take collective action and generate solutions to common problems”.

“The whole idea of […]

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Rural Development Consultants

Empowering businesses and communities to overcome the obstacles facing rural communities
At Umsizi our vision is to see the poor empowered to take control of their own destiny. We aim to accomplish this through sustainable rural development programmes and projects. Umsizi has a proven track record of seeing this vision implemented. Our Rural Development Consultants are […]

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A Youth Generating Solutions Within The Idp



All South Africa may know and celebrate June as Youth Month. But Umsizi and other organisations such as the Phronesis Student Development Trust haven’t restricted youth development to one month of the year. For this reason, Umsizi and other like-minded  organisations  gathered for the Youth Imbizo 2017. This movement is one of many […]

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Broad-based livelihood development

Livelihood refers to the means by which people are able to provide for themselves. A fisherman who catches fish to support his family by selling as well as eating them has fishing as his livelihood. For his livelihood to be viable not only does he need to be a good fisherman, he also needs the […]

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Rural Development Action Plan

Four Steps to an Unbeatable Rural Development Action Plan
There is a recognisable need for rural development in South Africa. The public and private sectors agree. We need to see sustainable economic growth in our rural communities. You don’t have to be a qualified economist to see that when our rural areas prosper, so do our […]

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