Agricultural Food Tunnels

Umsizi's Agricultural Food Tunnel infrastructure is revolutionary in the SED industry

Crucial to the success of the Broad-Based Livelihoods Projects was a solution for urban farming.

Our Agricultural Food Tunnel infrastructure is:

  • Scalable. The Agricultural Food Tunnels are able to fit whatever the space available.
  • Affordable. We used readily available building materials which are a fraction of the cost of all previously-implemented solutions.
  • Maintainable. Repairs can be easily and affordably made in the field.
  • The tunnels are therefore sustainable.

These Tunnels are now available for order

You have the following options:

Self-installation. Tunnels may be ordered to be self-assembled and installed.

Installation by Umsizi’s staff. You may make use of our highly-trained staff to implement and coach end-users on the installation of the tunnels.