SocioTech: Umsizi’s implementations partner

Umsizi and SocioTech have a long-standing and fruitful relationship of cutting-edge innovation in the Southern African socio-economic developmental landscape, leading to the empowerment of thousands of households.

SocioTech has a history of more than two decades conceptualising and executing policies, materials and practical bottom-up programmes – at scale – to mobilise the marginalised for broad-based participation in the economy. The concepts and materials used countrywide to execute the Broad-Based Livelihoods programmes, originated from action research that was co-authored and coordinated by founder Marna de Lange for the Water Research Commission (2004-2009) to develop learning material endorsed by AgriSeta, UNISA and the SA Institute for Distance Education.

SocioTech, incorporated in 1998, is based in Pretoria and Polokwane, and with facilitator teams active in every province where the BBL is being implemented. Founder and CEO Marna de Lange co-authored and coordinated a multi-year research project (2004-2009) for the Water Research Commission to develop learning material endorsed by AgriSeta, UNISA and the SA Institute for Distance Education. This material forms the basis for the implementation of our Broad-Based Livelihoods programmes countrywide.

Umsizi and SocioTech’s flagship SED programme is the Broad-Based Livelihoods (BBL) Programme.

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  • The design of the BBL programme has benefited from research and implementation experiences going back as far as 1992, with a rich history of collaboration with the WRC, government departments, private sector and a diverse range of international research and development institutions.
  • SocioTech actively manages the BBL facilitation teams and infrastructure roll-out, and continues to test, refine and expand the “toolbox” of implementation methodologies to maximise the scope, reach and impact of our BBL programmes.
  • Ever-responsive (both to the evolving needs on the ground and to national policy imperatives) innovative improvements are made to broaden the programme learning content, the suite of practical hands-on technical solutions, facilitation approaches and implementation management techniques.
  • A full database of participants and progress in every BBL is populated and updated with the use of smartphone-based mentoring and monitoring apps, every time a facilitator visits a household. This data is analysed to keep the finger on the pulse and adjust interventions to the real situations on the ground.

Testimonials from the BBL

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