Umsizi’s proven impact is in empowering people, communities and socio-economic development programmes. Umsizi’s niche is to assist stakeholders and clients to meet their development, compliance and reporting requirements through effective social, economic and community development. We offer a highly professional practice based on providing expert advice through the following services:



  • Socio-Economic Development
  • Social & Labour Plans
  • Local Economic Development
  • Rural and Community Development
  • Broad-Based Livelihood Development
  • Socio-Economic Impact Assessments
  • Sustainable Livelihood and Enterprise Development
  • Household Development
  • Agricultural Development
  • Livestock and Poulty Development
  • Light Industries and Manufacturing Development
  • Broad-Based Business Development
  • Community and Stakeholder Engagement Processes
  • Corporate Social Investment
  • Sustainable Social Development Solutions
  • Baseline Socio-Economic Studies and Surveys
  • Resettlement Action Plans
  • Social Closure and Sustainable Land-use Management
  • Sustainability and Impact Reporting
  • Legislative Compliance and Assessment
  • Community and Stakeholder Mobilization
  • Programme and Project Design and Implementation
  • Socio-Economic Infrastructural Development


Umsizi has helped many organisations and stakeholders to achieve their compliance reporting, project implementation and socio-economic development requirements. We have compiled numerous socio-economic solutions, programmes, strategies and expert reports for our clients. In all of these, Umsizi has provided excellence, innovation, specialist knowledge, proven impact and integrity in meeting their needs.

“Umsizi helped us to successfully complete our Social & Labour Plans in compliance with the MPRDA.”
Christian Peters, Community and Sustainability Manager - BHP Billiton
“We have put all our faith in Umsizi to create highly significant socio-economic development programmes for our communities.”
Johan Gloy, CEO - Tendele Mining
“Umsizi has changed our lives. We are able to feed our families. Our dignity has been restored.”
Mkhwanazi Beneficiaries, Community Ceremony
“We are thankful for Umsizi and the projects. We hope Umsizi will be here forever.”
Sokhulu Zululand Inkhosi, Chief
“Umsizi has implemented successful social and economic development programmes in the Royal Bafokeng nation around sustainable livelihood creation, agricultural production and enterprise development.”
Royal Bafokeng Nation, Administration and Community Manager