Who We Are

Umsizi specializes in Socio-Economic Development programmes. We assist companies with B-BBEE compliance, Local Economic Development programmes, and highly effective Corporate Social Investment.

We have a proven track record of successful implementation of Socio-Economic Development programmes in rural areas throughout Southern Africa. We have compiled over 300 Socio-Economic Development Programmes, including Social and Labour Plans, Community Development, Corporate Social Investment, Social Impact Assessment, Enterprise Development, Skills Development, Charter Compliance and Reporting.

Our team consists of leading experts in sustainable social development. We are ready to provide solutions to your company for any requirement in the field of socio-economic development.

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Here’s how we can help your company with sustainable social solutions:

Consulting Services

We assist corporates with compliance (B-BBEE, CSI, Mining Charter, and all other legislation) and reporting requirements. We will work with you to design and implement developmental programmes, Social and Labour Plans, RAP’s, livelihoods restoration programmes, SEIA, employee and community baseline assessments, and much more.Learn More »

Corporate Social Investment

We provide corporates with real, proven and sustainable local economic development projects which uplift and improve the quality of life of poor communities, and meet and exceed CSI and B-BBEE requirements.Learn More »

Sustainable Local Economic Development

We design and implement community development projects, focused on broad-based livelihoods, income creation and poverty eradication. Our projects have enjoyed widespread success.Learn More »

Broad-Based Enterprise Development

We specialise in establishing community-based enterprises to provide socio-economic empowerment. We develop entrepreneurs in agriculture, light industries and manufacturing.Learn More »


Some of our sustainable solutions at work.

We have a proven track record of successful programmes and projects throughout Southern Africa. We have successfully worked in rural contexts, urban environments, traditional settings, remote communities and bureaucratic frameworks where people are trapped in poverty.

Umsizi is ready to help your mining company to meaningfully fulfil its project design and reporting requirements.

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Whether you need help with B-BBEE compliance, Local Economic Development Programmes, or Corporate Social Investment Initiatives, or for any other Socio-Economic Development considerations, we are ready to assist you with a tailor-made solution.

SED Solutions

Umsizi implements socio-economic development programmes which are:

  • Building broad-based solutions, at scale and with measurable impact: We look to deepen and widen the impact of what would otherwise have been a narrow-based impact. We encourage many new entrants into the economy rather than benefitting a few established businesses who already have access to other forms of assistance.
  • Creating sustainable development from the Grassroots Up: We look beyond the norm, beyond what is easy, not performing activities just to be compliant. Rather, we find the poorest, those who have been excluded from benefitting from mainstream programmes, and investing in enterprise development for the “have-nots”. For example, we run Enterprise Development in the informal trade markets.


Here’s what’s happening in the field of sustainable social development.

Specialist SED Programmes

Enterprise development programmes – Meet Alpheus Mashile


‘It’s an immense sacrifice,’ many would say, but for Alpheus Mashile, a self-motivated individual with an entrepreneurial vision, the…

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CSI projects

Rural Development Consultants


Empowering businesses and communities to overcome the obstacles facing rural communities
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8 Benefits of Corporate Social Responsibility
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Agricultural development programmes

Four Pillars of Agricultural Development Programmes that Really Work!


Four Pillars of Agricultural Development Programmes that Really Work!
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Economic Development

Broad-based livelihood development


Broad-based livelihood development: a working process
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