CSR and ESG Offerings Food Security

Umsizi’s Visionary CSR and ESG Offerings for 2024

Umsizi's Visionary CSR and ESG Offerings for 2024: Transforming Lives, Beyond Mere Compliance

Johannesburg, March 8, 2024 —Umsizi Sustainable Social Solutions (Umsizi), a prominent advocate for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), is excited to unveil its comprehensive agenda for 2024 through its dedicated corporate social responsibility initiatives, Umsizi Solutions, and Impophomo Rushing Waters. With a focus on CSR initiatives, Umsizi creates significant positive change by ensuring that its services are board-based and include Enterprise Development, Social Renewal, and Livelihoods Programmes. This initiative reflects Umsizi’s dedication to making a meaningful impact beyond regulatory requirements, emphasizing its commitment to environmental, social and governance (ESG+R) responsibilities and sustainable development.

CSR and ESG Offerings Food Security

Driving Socio-Economic Growth with Purpose

Umsizi’s commitment to socio-economic development takes a multifaceted approach, focusing initially on addressing food security and income generation through the establishment of small businesses. This strategy aims to foster local economies, contributing significantly to poverty alleviation.

Enterprise Development

Umsizi recognizes the pivotal role of enterprise development in creating sustainable economic growth. Through Impophomo, Umsizi implements initiatives that empower local entrepreneurs, fostering business growth and job creation.

Social Renewal

The heart of Umsizi’s mission lies in social renewal. Our initiatives are designed to uplift and empower vulnerable communities, emphasizing holistic development that spans both immediate and long-term needs.

Livelihoods Programmes

Umsizi is dedicated to designing and implementing Livelihoods Programmes that address the core challenges faced by communities, providing sustainable solutions for income generation and economic empowerment.

Showcased CSR and ESG Endeavor

  1. CareerBuild:
    • Empowering young minds through career development programmes, focusing on decision-making and goal planning.
  1. Early Childhood Development:
    • Supporting beneficiary creches, providing educational essentials for early childhood education.
  1. Women’s Empowerment:
    • Hosting bi-annual empowerment events addressing nutrition, hygiene, gender-based violence, and providing essential resources to women in need.
  1. Sports Development:
    • Hosting an annual sports tournament to bring hope to young athletes and address social challenges in the community.
  1. Food Gardens and Food Security – Horticulture:
    • Empowering communities to grow healthy food, and promoting sustainable agriculture practices.
  1. Christmas Gift Initiative:
    • Annual outreach benefiting underprivileged children entering their initial year of school by providing essential stationery, toiletries, and educational toys.
  1. GBV and Recovery Training:
    • Conducting capacity-building workshops for faith leaders to address gender-based violence and addiction recovery.
  1. Partnership and Aid:
    • Collaborating with communities and organisations to facilitate community aid and support initiatives, ensuring a wide-reaching impact.
  1. Food Relief and Hospital Ministry and Aid:
    • Addressing the needs of vulnerable individuals through food drives, hospital ministry, and community outreach programmes


Special Focus on Social Development and Governance Programmes: Umsizi places a special focus on Social Development and Governance Programmes, acknowledging their critical role in creating lasting positive change. By prioritizing these elements, Umsizi aims to contribute significantly to societal well-being and effective governance structures.

Corporate Social Investment – A Catalyst for Sustainable Change: Umsizi reaffirms the importance of CSR initiatives that go beyond legal obligations, aligning with a philosophy that emphasizes actions promoting social good. As per the BEE Act of 2003 and the Codes of Good Practice, Umsizi’s approach ensures long-term sustainability and benefit to communities.

Highlighted Initiatives with Proven Impact: Our CSI initiatives, managed through the fully-fledged BBBEE-certified NPO, Impophomo, have consistently delivered impactful results. From career development and early childhood education to women’s empowerment and sports development, Umsizi’s initiatives address a spectrum of community needs.

Ensuring Effective CSI Spend: Umsizi supports corporations in managing their CSI spend effectively, ensuring funds designated for community upliftment reach their intended target. Additionally, Umsizi provides partners adhering to BBBEE requirements with essential compliance certificates and relevant documentation for both compliance and tax purposes.

Invitation to Transformative CSR and ESG+R Initiatives: With a proven track record and alignment with global ESG+R principles, Umsizi invites corporations to join hands in creating a lasting impact on vulnerable individuals and communities. By partnering with us, businesses can contribute to a positive and sustainable future.

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About Umsizi Sustainable Social Solutions:
Umsizi is a trailblazing organisation dedicated to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives, committed to fostering sustainable development and making a positive, enduring impact on society.

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