Enterprise Development

Seizing Opportunities for Developing Entrepreneurs

Umsizi has successfully implemented an Enterprise Development process which identifies key needs, markets and opportunities in the local economy. We make effective use of the available capacity, resources, skills and knowledge to uplift the socio-economic situation of the participants.

Our focus is to identify existing entrepreneurs, or persons with the potential to become so, within the local economy and enhance their economic means. We enhance the local capacity through developing  skills, income and sustainable livelihoods.

Enterprise Development

Umsizi does Enterprise Development differently.

Umsizi focuses on developing the Entrepreneur, who is enabled to build the Enterprise–  free from dependency on external funding or support. Umsizi teaches basic business practices and provides tools which help even those with limited literacy to run a successful business. Umsizi meets the entrepreneur where he is at; whether he is interested in starting a business, is struggling to run his business, or wants to expand his business to higher levels of production. Umsizi helps entrepreneurs to establish or expand their markets, improve their profitability and increase business sustainability.

Umsizi believes that the keys to success are:

  • Economic empowerment for the needy
  • Improvement in household food security and nutrition
  • Creation of productive economic means
  • Individuals enabled to access the economic mainstream
  • Creation of income generation opportunities
  • Development of entrepreneurs and establishment of fully-fledged business operations

Umsizi has the solution for you

Whatever your legislative or developmental project requirements, Umsizi has the knowledge, experience, and proven methods to meet your needs. Contact us today and a consultant will be in touch with you shortly.