Corporate Social Investment

Uplift and improve the quality of life of poor communities

When your company places its resources into Corporate Social Investment (CSI), you want to be sure that those resources are being used for the maximum benefit of the recipients. Umsizi has proven, measurable, successful projects and initiatives in place so you can heartily get behind causes which are benefitting the lives of Southern Africa’s poorest individuals and communities.

Our CSI Initiatives Focus On:

  • Job Creation and Enterprise Development
  • Skills Development Training
  •  Agriculture and Food Security
  • Basic Services Delivery
  • Educational Development
  • Health
  •  Infrastructure

Here's How Our CSI Initiatives Benefit Your Company

  1. Improve your company culture by developing good conscious employees within your company;
  2. Contribute to brand awareness and company marketing;
  3. Align your company with industry charter;
  4. Stabilise the social and economic environment;
  5. Develop a culture of giving;
  6. Continue to produce benefits long after the project has been completed; and,
  7. Generate interest in the company.

Umsizi prides itself on developing and implementing CSI projects which are wanted and needed by the communities they intend to benefit.

Umsizi has the solution for you

Whatever your legislative or developmental project requirements, Umsizi has the knowledge, experience, and proven methods to meet your needs. Contact us today and a consultant will be in touch with you shortly.