Local Economic Development Implementation

Umsizi's proven LED & SED strategies are uplifting households on a mass scale.

We at Umsizi recognise the immense potential within local communities surrounding corporate industry or mining operations. Our comprehensive SED and LED programmes provide a sustainable framework for unlocking this potential and empowering individuals to thrive. Through an inclusive approach that considers the economic, social, and sustainable aspects of development, we create opportunities for meaningful and lasting change in communities.

Umsizi Livelihoods Programmes:

We employ a large scale inclusive approach to empowering disadvantaged communities (focused on individuals and households) to independently improve their own livelihoods and economic well-being, through the transfer of knowledge and strategies to access economic opportunities through a diverse range of livelihood options.

Productive infrastructure:

We provide solutions which directly contribute to the expansion of productive economic activity, increase profit, expand enterprises, and increase livelihood resilience. Our productive infrastructure options include creating sustainable access to water, energy, crop and local economic enhancement solutions.

Income generating projects:

We work closely with beneficiaries and funders to avoid common pitfalls of development and achieve planned objectives. These projects are deliberately designed and implemented applying principles and methods which allow beneficiaries to generate self-driven, sustainable income through trade, or the production of goods or provision of services.

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