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Putting an end to poverty

Putting an end to poverty

Helping the Needy: 3 ways you can make a difference

We live in a world of great need. It’s easy to notice. You can see it every time you leave your house. Beggars and those who are struggling to find employment stand on the roadsides. Affluent suburbs often border impoverished communities.

It’s a global problem. Almost half the world’s population live on under $2,50 a day. Over a billion people don’t have access to any healthy water sources. Thousands live below the breadline without enough food to survive. It affects families. It affects children.

Many of us have asked, “Can I make a difference?” Is there a way to help the needy? On a large scale, can I improve the situation? The answer is “Yes!”

As an individual, you can help the needy by being willing to share. Even small surpluses in your food and clothing can make all the difference if given away. Donate a blanket to the needy in the upcoming winter. Consider organising a work day with your local church or volunteer group. Many churches work into underprivileged communities, hospitals and prisons.

There are in fact many ways to reach out and help someone. But the scope of the need is massive. Is it possible to make an even bigger difference? One that impacts both individuals and whole communities? Once again, the answer is “Yes!” Have a look at our list of ways to help the needy on a larger scale.

make a differenceCommunity Development Initiatives

Community development is a process of working towards solutions to problems facing communities. Community members find strength in unity and can overcome the challenges.

Sometimes it is not enough for people in the community to stand together. They need outside help. This is where you can get involved. It starts with understanding and supporting community development. In this way, you can have a lasting impact.

Give support to grassroots development and start-up industries in needy communities. Look for opportunities to support local entrepreneurs. Your business can make all the difference to their business. One order placed with a well-run grassroots company can make all the difference. It can give them a foot up in the industry.

You can also get behind projects like those run at Umsizi. For example, Umsizi is currently rolling out a large-scale agricultural development program. This is providing sustainable, renewable, healthy food sources to families and communities nationwide.

There are many advantages to supporting Umsizi. You have the assurance that they will provide training to sustain community development. Community members receive ongoing coaching.

Another way to help is to mobilise your own church or volunteer organisation. The Impophomo project is a remarkable example. The project helps underdeveloped communities on an ongoing basis.

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  1. Rural Development Programs

There is another focus you can adopt to help the needy. Work towards financial stability outside of your city.

The goal of rural development is to increase food security and future prospects in rural communities. This not only helps the needy, but in fact, we all benefit. When rural areas do well, particularly in agriculture, it amounts to a positive effect on the economy.You can support rural development in many ways. Something as simple as buying local produce can make all the difference. Look for the “Proudly South African” sticker on your groceries. Another way is to support the tourist trade when you leave the city and pass through rural areas.

You can also work with those who have an insight into these communities. There is a need for experts who can observe results and address new issues as they arise. Once again, this is where Umsizi comes in, with proven policies and experience. Umsizi guides rural communities through rural development programs. Working with both government and corporates, the partnerships uplift rural areas. There is a focus on training, infrastructure development, and creating opportunities.

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  1. Corporate Social Responsibility

If you work for a medium- to large-scale business, you have the potential to shape the nation.

Corporate social responsibility addresses a company’s obligations. Companies need to assess their environmental and social impact on surrounding communities. Corporate social responsibility has come to mean “giving back” where a company has made a profit. Corporations can make sure they do not abuse the community. They can ensure that everybody wins.

Great corporations go beyond the legal requirements of government regulations and environmental groups. This is where we start to see observable uplifting of the lives of the needy.

Talk to the person responsible at your company and see how you can get involved, or volunteer. There are many success stories where corporate entities have worked into underprivileged communities.

For help or advice, or to get involved, or to donate towards Umsizi’s initiatives, contact us.

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