Many corporates in South Africa and across the world are involved in some form of Corporate Social Investment (CSI). Company resources are used for philanthropic purposes to benefit communities without using the project as primarily a marketing initiative. CSI can take many forms and varies in scale depending on the intent of impact and resources available.



  • Agricultural and food security
  • Basic services delivery
  • Business sustainability
  • Educational development
  • Environment
  • Health
  • Infrastructure
  • Job creation and enterprise development
  • Skill development training

CSI is one of the sub-components of Corporate Social Responsibility and aims to uplift communities in such a way that their quality of life is improved and safeguarded.


we aim to uplift communities in such a way that their quality of life is improved and safeguarded.

What can CSI do for your company:


  1. Improve your company culture by developing good conscious employees within your company;
  2. Improve your company’s competitive edge; attracting investors, clients and employees;
  3. Contributes to brand awareness and company marketing;
  4. Generates improved employee satisfaction and working environment;
  5. Aligns your company with industry charter ;
  6. Improves company image and enhances credibility;
  7. Stabilises the social and economic environment; and,
  8. Generates interest in the company.

Umsizi prides itself in developing and implementing CSI projects which are community specific- ensuring they have high socio-economic impact which is sustainable for the future.

“Umsizi helped us to successfully complete our Social & Labour Plans in compliance with the MPRDA.”
Christian Peters, Community and Sustainability Manager - BHP Billiton
“We have put all our faith in Umsizi to create highly significant socio-economic development programmes for our communities.”
Johan Gloy, CEO - Tendele Mining
“Umsizi has changed our lives. We are able to feed our families. Our dignity has been restored.”
Mkhwanazi Beneficiaries, Community Ceremony
“We are thankful for Umsizi and the projects. We hope Umsizi will be here forever.”
Sokhulu Zululand Inkhosi, Chief
“Umsizi has implemented successful social and economic development programmes in the Royal Bafokeng nation around sustainable livelihood creation, agricultural production and enterprise development.”
Royal Bafokeng Nation, Administration and Community Manager

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