My Food

Broad-Based Livelihoods:
My Food Programme


The “My Food” programme is an organic food production (starting with horticulture) programme focused on creating a secure and increasing supply of healthy food and income, at a household level.

Training is facilitated through structured training sessions and learning groups, which are open to all interested community members. The training incorporates content on household agricultural production and is tailored to include low-cost organic production techniques based on the Water Research Commission and Umsizi’s own curriculum. The programme provides participants with skills training, knowledge transfer, mentorship, market linkage and infrastructure.

Training typically runs over a production season of about 6 months.

Sustainable food security

Training content includes:

  • Trench-bed properties and preparation.
  • Soil fertility management; liquid manure production & mulching.
  • Importance of balanced nutrition and ‘Helicopter plans’ for production planning.
  • Marketing and farming business.
  • Crop rotation and companion planting.
  • Marketing and farming business.
  • Plant health, pest and disease management.

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