CareerBuild: Empowering Youth for a Better Future

CareerBuild, an innovative program designed to empower young people in South Africa, has made a powerful impact in the lives of over 110 participants from FarNorth Secondary School in Cosmo City, a feeder for Zandspruit informal settlement. Through the dedicated commitment of many professionals who volunteered their Saturdays to coach and mentor the career builders over a space of five weeks, these young individuals have been equipped and empowered to make informed choices about their future.

Behind the scenes, Umsizi, a socio-economic development company, invested time and resources to make this initiative possible through partnering with the NPO Impophomo and Northpoint City Church. The success of CareerBuild reflects years of continued impact in the lives of the most vulnerable in our society. This program is a testament to the power of partnership and commitment from ordinary citizens who are lifting up marginalized youth to be able to contribute to the local economy and strengthen a future for the next generation.

CareerBuild has been designed to provide young people with the necessary skills and training to succeed in the job market. The program offers a variety of workshops and courses on topics such as resume building, job searching, and interview skills. Additionally, CareerBuild provides mentorship and networking opportunities to help young people connect with potential employers and advance their careers.

The impact of this program goes far beyond mere job training. CareerBuild is helping to bridge the gap between education and employment, equipping young people with the tools they need to succeed in the workforce. By investing in the future of these young individuals, CareerBuild is empowering them to be active and responsible citizens who can contribute to the growth and development of their community.

In a country where youth unemployment is high, CareerBuild is making a real difference. By providing young people with the skills and training they need to succeed, the program is helping to break the cycle of poverty and create a brighter future for all South Africans. The success of CareerBuild shows us that we can all play a role in building a better future for our communities, and that every little bit counts.

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