South Africa’s need for Community Development

South Africa’s need for Community Development

Community Development is a term used to emphasize an action plan to develop poor regions within an economically-driven society. For most South Africans, poverty and the struggle to implement jobs to countless of community members within Johannesburg, continue to circulate, with delays and shortcomings. Black Economical Empowerment (BEE) has become a ruling business principle to most corporates and depends on the full compliance thereof to support its entities in business while eliminating unemployment. Nevertheless, our problem with unemployment and poverty derives from our underdeveloped communities.

In our time, children face the vulnerability of a deficiency in community development in South Africa. To date, according to relevant newspapers and online resources, the unemployment rate of our youth stands at over 60%. Children are our future, but unfortunately, they are living under the breadline. Without proper strategies to help underprivileged communities, South Africa will face difficult times ahead. We are in need of skillful socio-economic development programmes that will change the outcome. We cannot afford to let the challenges of social needs to escalate beyond restoration.

Umsizi Sustainable Social Solutions (Pty) Ltd, is a company that specializes in community development programmes.  To date, they have been the link between companies who necessitate ‘improved social corporate responsibility services’ and the needy communities in search of their support. Umsizi’s skilled personnel adhere to quality service and astute knowledge in the eradication of poverty and the uplifting of social strategy that surpasses all standards.

One such key community development project that Umsizi designed for community development is:

Household Agricultural Livelihood Improvement

Imagine what can be accomplished when we train people across South Africa’s poor communities to start their own farming businesses? Countless informal settlements are nested on fruitful ground, and even though space may be limited, it can be radically changed to a fast crop-producing enterprise. Agricultural opportunity can be expressed equally: the cultivation of fresh produce among the poor by showing, implementing, and mentoring –– Members of the community are opted and supported by thorough assessments done by Umsizi’s experts. Building key relationships with local leaders, practical training, and ongoing mentoring make this programme a concrete, yet innovative success every time.

Umsizi pioneers the area of socio-economic and community development projects. The impact of this programme results in poverty eradication.

Identifying households that are committed to the success of such a programme gets the backing of extra resources e.g., greenhouse tunnels, rainwater harvest tanks, and additional encouragement by Umsizi.

There are many programme opportunities for you and your business to consider, but Umsizi’s strategy stands above the rest. The team is full of compassion for the poor, and they make every effort to accommodate strategies that will impact with long-lasting sustainability.

The agricultural livelihood program is achievable through partnerships. Umsizi offers Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Plans, development, compliance and reporting services.

For more information about Umsizi and the service they offer in community development projects, contact them at, or visit the website:

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