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Mining Charter and Social and Labour Plan Consulting Services

Umsizi’s Mining Charter and Social and Labour Plan Consulting Services:

Why these Regulations Exist and why they are Important

The story of mining in South Africa began in 1852 in the town of Springbok, Northern Cape. While these early miners may not have realised it, they established what was to become the most significant, and sometimes controversial, part of our country’s economy, society, and politics.

Many of us do not notice that mining still has a profound impact on our lives today. Our country’s geography has been largely determined by mining activity, with our largest towns and cities (such as Johannesburg) built on mining. Many of the companies we work in can also trace their heritage back to the direct and indirect economic growth catalysed by the minerals industry.

However, for all its contributions, the minerals industry has also been a historical driver of economic inequality and political unrest. Unequal ownership and employment practices, labour systems which gave rise to social tension, and unsustainable mine communities have had consequences which many South Africans still face today.

As such, the post-1994 South African government, along with mine owners, organised labour, and civil society, has set out to transform the minerals industry. The key tools used to do this are the Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act (28 of 2002, amended in 2020), the Mining Charter III (2018) and the Social and Labour Plan.

The intention of these tools is to drive socioeconomic transformation. However, it is not uncommon for mining right holders to feel overwhelmed or underequipped to address the areas of compliance required of them by legislation. Umsizi’s specialist Mining Charter III and Social and Labour Plan consulting services focus on training and empowerment; drafting compliance reports for both the Mining Charter III and Social and Labour Plan; drafting new Social and Labour Plans; and assisting with all compliance-related requirements of the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy.

At Umsizi we believe in going beyond only legal compliance, rather creating lasting socioeconomic empowerment so that all communities can benefit from our nation’s great mineral wealth. If you require expert assistance with your Mining Charter III and Social and Labour Plan needs, and you seek an implementation partner who will consistently deliver the greatest value to all stakeholders and communities, then please contact our consulting team here with your requirements today.

Alternatively, we have several socioeconomic development solutions which some of the largest minerals companies in South Africa have already integrated into their Social and Labour Plans; find out more about these here.

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