A Youth Generating Solutions Within The Idp



All South Africa may know and celebrate June as Youth Month. But Umsizi and other organisations such as the Phronesis Student Development Trust haven’t restricted youth development to one month of the year. For this reason, Umsizi and other like-minded  organisations  gathered for the Youth Imbizo 2017. This movement is one of many projects Umsizi has supported, bettering South Africa through empowering its youth.

The Youth Imbizo took place at the Cosmo City Multipurpose Centre on the 16th of September 2017. The event aimed to close the gap between the youth, local and national economic activity, and attempts by the Government to create access to the economy for South Africa’s youth. A multitude of stakeholders presented their input on the City of Johannesburg’s Integrated Development Plan (IDP). Umsizi, Harambe, University of the Witwatersrand volunteers, Monash University volunteers, and volunteers from the University of Johannesburg were present in this forum.

The goal was to create a platform where the youth could discuss their challenges, and focus on new strategies and solutions within the IDP.  The invited stakeholders provided valuable guidance into this process.

Umsizi facilitator and a key organiser of the Imbizo, Nhlanhla Nkosi, said that this event served its purpose well in its first leg. A highlight for him was to see the youth exposed to the universities represented. Those present had the opportunity to apply for both university entry and financial aid.

Umsizi looks forward to participating in future Youth Imbizo conversations and projects

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